Antioxidant Activity of Coumarins

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2017,8,1,24-30.
Published:November 2016
Type:Review Article

Antioxidant Activity of Coumarins

Yasameen Al-Majedy*1,2, Ahmed Al-Amiery1,2, Abdul Amir Kadhum1, Abu BakarMohamad1

1Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi, Selangor 43000, Malaysia.

2University of Technology (UOT), Baghdad 10001, IRAQ


Coumarins are heterocyclic molecules that have been associated with beneficial effects on human health, such as reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and brain diseases. These effects are thought to be related to the radical scavenging effect, due to their antioxidant activities. Coumarins are an entity which is being synthesized in many of its derivative from past few years; the entity is major source of interest for many of medicinal chemist to explore its various pharmacological potentials especially anticoagulant activity. In present article we review recent derivatives of coumarin that are synthesized with their pharmacological activities like antioxidant, activity. The main purpose of this review is to summarize recent chemical syntheses and structural modifications of coumarin and there derivatives, of interest due to their characteristic conjugated molecular architecture and biological activities.