A Review of Pharmacoeconomics: The Key to “Healthcare for All”

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2019,10,1s,s40-s42.
Published:August 2019
Type:Review Article

A Review of Pharmacoeconomics: The Key to “Healthcare for All”

Hasamnis AA*, Patil SS, Shaik Imam, Narendiran K

FHMS, School of Medicine, Taylors University, Subang Jaya, MALAYSIA.


Pharmacoeconomics deals with allocation of health resources considering the cost benefit, safety and efficacy of drugs. The art of finely balancing the availability and cost of essential drugs in resource-scare area is the key to success. Factors like clinical efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of the medicines needs to be considered together for granting license for use of new medicines. For effective pharmacoeconomics management we need to close the gap between academics, health care practitioners, pharmaceutical industry and policy makers. This will in turn help us to fulfill the dream of affordable, safe and effective health care for all.