Factors Effecting the Gelling and Emulsifying Properties of a Natural Polymer

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2010,1,1,86-92.
Published:Jan, 2010
Type:Review Article

Factors Effecting the Gelling and Emulsifying Properties of a Natural Polymer

Bhatia S, Namdeo AG, Nanda S1

Departments of Pharmacognosy, Poona College of Pharmacy, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune (Maharashtra), 1Pharmaceutical Sciences, M.D.U, Rohtak (Haryana), India


Porphyran, sulfated polysaccharide, is derived from the cell wall and intercellular regions of Porphyra and known to be closely related to agarose in its basic structure, whereas it is very different in terms of having L-galactose-6-sulfate. Besides of various physiological effects, it is having wide pharmaceutical applications. Its structure-related gelling and emulsification properties have given birth to a new polymer in polymeric science. Porphyran uses are based on their unique properties to form strong gels after desulfation in an aqueous solution. This gel results from peculiar regular chemical structures, specific ordered molecular conformations, and aggregations. Now a days, new methodologies and instruments have provided a more accurate view of the relationships between the chemical structure and the gelling characteristics of these complex hybrid and heterogeneous polysaccharides. NMR is the single most powerful technique for solving the structures of intact polysaccharides. Developments in the NMR render the determination of structural distribution of this galactan more accessible. Such techniques also yield new information on the aggregate formation of these sulfated polysaccharides. These and other data question the existence of the generally assumed intertwined double helical conformations of these galactans during gel formation. Currently, porphyran availability is not known because of several problems such as its high molecular weight and viscosity that are suppressing its growth in world market. Hence, world market needs development of this novel compound to improve its pharmaceutical applications though this is an area of algal utilization that demands more research.