Herbal Drugs of Abuse

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2010,1,2,141-145.
Published:Jan, 2010
Type:Review Article

Herbal Drugs of Abuse

Ghosh A, Ghosh T

Department of Pharmaceutics, Himalayan Pharmacy Institute, Majhitar, Rangpo, Sikkim-737 136, India


Substances taken for nonmedical reasons, usually for their mind-altering effects, are called drugs of abuse. The use of psychoactive plants as drugs of abuse has had a long tradition. Most commonly abused drugs extracted from or based on natural products are illicit substances, such as cannabis products, morphine, or cocaine, but other herbal products used to produce a “high” are becoming increasingly popular drugs of abuse. Unfortunately, these “new herbal drugs” are falsely labelled as safe and legal. Health care professionals must be cognizant of this emerging problem as increased media coverage and marketing have made these products accessible and recognizable to many young adults and teenagers. This article gives a brief view of some herbal drugs of abuse, and their current trends of use.