The Unheard Pain of Cancer Patients

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2013,4,1,14-19.
Published:Jan, 2013
Type:Review Article

The Unheard Pain of Cancer Patients

Aditi Chaturvedi, Priyanka Singh

Department of Pharmacology, Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali Government Institute of Medical Science and Research, Srikot, Pauri-Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India


Cancer pain is multidimensional and complex mechanism rarely presenting as a pure neuropathic, visceral, or somatic pain syndrome. Rather, it may involve inflammatory, neuropathic, ischemic, breakthrough pain mechanisms at multiple sites. Despite recommendation and demonstration of patients’ need, these needs are not being met. Since two decades, a trend has been set to exclude pain specialist from mainstream cancer pain management, they are being called during the end stage making them the ‘last resort’. Thus patients are missing out on benefits of multidisciplinary care combining palliative care and pain medicine. Morphine licensing is still a very painful procedure for the institutions trying to provide pain relief to the cancer patients and due to this troublesome procedure of morphine licensing many patients do not get adequate analgesia and die in pain. This review article highlights the importance of recognizing cancerrelated pain and the need to optimize management. It emphasizes on pain management for the cancer population with evidence-based multimodal and mechanism-based treatments and finally to strengthen the relationship between palliative care, oncology, and pain medicine.