Urtica dioica L., (Urticaceae): A Stinging Nettle

Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy,2014,5,1,6-8.
Published:Jan, 2014
Type:Plant Review

Urtica dioica L., (Urticaceae): A Stinging Nettle

Mueen Ahmed KK1 and Subramani Parsuraman2

1Phcog.Net and SCIBIOLMED.ORg, Bore Bank Road Cross, Benson Town, Bangalore, India.

2Unit of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, AIMST University, Bedong 08100, Kedah, Malaysia.


Urtica dioica L., is a perennial herb with a long history of traditional medicinal uses in many countries in the world, especially in the tropical and subtropical regions. A wide range of chemical compounds including flavonoids, agglutins, lignans, carotenoids, phenolic compounds and terpenoids have been isolated from this species. Extracts and metabolites from this plant have been found to possess various pharmacological activities. In recent years, there has been growing interest in alternative therapies and the therapeutic use of natural products, especially those derived from natural products. Based on literature, U. dioica and its phytoconstituents were reported for various pharmacological activities which includes hypoglycemic and anti-inflammatory activities. A thorough review is required to avoid repetition of future research on this plant. Further, this review will also help to continue research based on previous reports. This review will also provide comprehensive information on U. dioica which could be useful article for researchers on this plant. The comprehensive account of the chemical constituents and the biological activities are presented in this review such that the potential use of this plant for the future drug.